So you want to find out what makes our fabric so special. Well, let us tell you!

Many people believe that all cotton fabrics are the same, but that is a common misconception. Cotton fabrics range differently and are vastly different. 

Here's the thing, cotton fabrics used out on the market today have one big issue: when machine washed and put in the dryer, the clothing often fails to keep its store bought size. In other words, it shrivels. Shriveling means loss of true size and more importantly, tighter fabric means a loss of softness. 

However, our premium cotton used at LvYourself is a whole different story. You do not have to worry about putting LvYourself clothing in the washer and the dryer. Not only will you be guaranteed no shrinkage, but our premium cotton will actually "relax" during the process and provide even more softness(proven by multiple machine washing and drying).

We stand by our statement of "Quality Over Everything", and we believe you are entitled to the best quality of clothing.