My Story

Throughout high school, I was constantly self conscious with myself. Being one of the few Asian students in an already small school, I felt alienated. However, this feeling was kept deep inside of me and I had to learn to put on a social mask and “just deal with it”, as I’d used to tell myself. 

I desperately wanted to share with someone what I was feeling deep down, but I was scared and more importantly, I didn’t think anyone would listen or that anyone even cared.

During my senior year in high school, the pandemic shocked the world and forever changed our lives. We were all forced to stay at home.

Like many teenagers my age, I spent a lot of my time on social media. Ok, I’ll come clean right now and tell you that I am guilty of mindless scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. However, from the countless posts scrolled, I’ve noticed something that really bothered me.

The amount of positivity on social media was slim to none. Hate is becoming more and more prevalent in not just the social media world, but in our world in general. In fact, it has become the social stigma to hate.

My Contribution

That’s when I decided to create LvYourself. LvYourself is more than just a clothing brand. It’s a community, a brand new world, absent from negativity and hate; it’s a world where you can talk about your struggles, your insecurities, free of judgment. LvYourself wants to spread the message that “hey, you’re not alone. Look at this whole community of people who is here for you.” Mental health awareness is so rarely talked about and I want to contribute. I’m proud to say that LvYourself will donate 25% of profits to the JED Foundation.

Ever since I was a kid, I had dreams of starting my own business one day. Achieving that dream, as well as getting the opportunity to help people around the world, is life-changing and truly humbling.

I believe that LvYourself is a seed planted into mother earth, and with your help and support, we can cultivate this seed into evergreen, spreading positivity all around the world!